Feeling confused about selecting a career or work path?


Do you need a gap year to re-group, get direction, explore your career options and plan your way forward with goals, purpose, planning, and knowledge?


  • Need time to make a calculated and informed career decision?
  • Need to look at different career options – those you know & those you never knew existed?
  • Not ready to take on the pressure of University studies?
  • At school, and feeling unsure of what to do when you leave?
  • At University, and not happy with your course, and need to find another direction?
  • Need a year to mature and experience the pace of the real world outside of school?

Develop an impressive curriculum vitae and portfolio

Interact and learn essential knowledge and skills from the professional lecturers and guest speakers


Don’t rush into hasty & regrettable decisions about your future

Discover your path and create your platform for life

Both the B.Com Hospitality Management Degree and the BBA Disaster Management Degree are internationally recognised ensuring students have what it takes to make it to the top anywhere in the world.

Stenden ensures that their students walk away with an International degree by adhering to strict international standards and having all exams invigilated under international exam procedures.

To register for mid-year or beginning of the year programs, please contact Gap Academy in Pietermaritzburg.

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