About GAP Academy

Brenda Horner started GAP ACADEMY in 2006. As a qualified educator with experience in teaching at high school and lecturing at tertiary levels, it became obvious and essential, that there was a need to create a constructive Gap Year for students after school and for those who leave tertiary training.

Students (and their Parents!) at a high school level, have a daunting task to choose a career and life path after school and many make hasty and wrong decisions which can result in study changes or work dropouts. Most students are able to discover their niche and life path once they have had time to emotionally mature out of the school environment and have a breathing space to assess and experience different career and work options.

GAP ACADEMY fills this bridging gap and endeavors to expose and equip students with essential life skills, career options, business and finance acumen, and many other life fundamentals and life foundations!

GAP ACADEMY recruits the services of professionals and experienced lecturers to tutor the students and to passionately steer our youth into becoming proud, constructive and positive members of our society, equipped with life’s tools to achieve and cope. Seeing the results and achievements of past students, we are confident that this year at GAP ACADEMY is an essential step for any student to take when leaving school!

Besides learning important subjects you will learn a host of other subjects that will develop you, create opportunities, help you in your everyday life & in your career!

Our professional lecturers share their first-hand knowledge & information with the students together with interesting and necessary excursions.

The GAP ACADEMY program adapts to the dynamics and requirements of each student to create a well-rounded & informative year for you to grow & equip yourself for your future.

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