What our Students say About Us

“Gap was a year of adventure, learning responsibility, tremendous fun and making friends for life. I learnt many interesting things about careers, business and essential daily life lessons. I did not only learn about how to plan a garden, sketch a house design or how taxes and bonds are calculated; I learnt things about myself and who I am. I learnt from my Lecturers and fellow Gaplings.  The year at Gap gave me space and time to find my true self, my hobbies and the career that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. It gave the key, along with knowledge, to a world full of opportunities. My ‘key’ led me to Germany and I am doing an apprenticeship in Hotel Management at a 5star hotel- the Louis C. Jacob H. GAP was the best!!”

– Carmen Meyer

“I just felt I hadn’t been exposed to enough experiences to be able to make that decision when I left school”, she says, “and wanted to broaden my outlook.”  Deron chose a much more academic-based gap year.  “I went to the Gap Academy here in town.  We studied all sorts of different subjects aimed at giving us more scope – for example, Landscaping, Décor, Public Relations, Cooking, Business Studies and Computing, and we had to achieve a certain level in order to get the certificate of completion, so it was quite structured.  But there was also a big creative element and we were given lots of career advice and life coaching.  We were introduced to all sorts of opportunities and out of our group, one guy is currently working on the Sinfonia (Cruise Ship), one is in Germany, one has started her own business, some have gone onto University, and I am going to the States shortly to work as an au pair for a while.”

Deron Howard

“I was considering a career in the medical field – either medicine or maybe becoming a paramedic.  The fact that I couldn’t decide made me think that perhaps I wasn’t ready to make the choice!   It seemed sensible to wait a while and get some more experience before making up my mind – and I’m so glad I did because I’ve ended up studying something quite different.”  What made her change her mind? “My aunt was murdered when I was 13 and this has obviously been an experience that I have suppressed.  During the Life Coaching at the Academy I was encouraged to deal with it, and as an upshot I have a real interest in Criminology.  So now I am studying Social Science and Psychology and intend to major in Criminology, a career path that I never would have discovered if I hadn’t taken a gap year.”

– Lala Domleo

“Gap academy enabled me to create and use so many life changing opportunities. By putting in a little bit of effort you can get unbelievable results in a wide array of fields.”

– Travis Hesom

Other Comments from Students …Gap Academy is for students that have finished school and have not yet decided what to study or do thereafter. It is also the place to come for those who would like to take a year to explore different career pathways and gain skills that could be life-changing”

“Gap Academy offers a constructive and informative gap year that allows you time to gain invaluable knowledge in essential life skills and career choices for your future. The year is filled with a variety of interesting and fun courses giving you a range of opportunities and a taste of the real world!”.

“Gap inspired us to create windows of opportunities through which we could see our future that lay ahead”. Gap helped us to have a clearer vision of who we are, what we stand for and where we are going”.

“Gap Academy is flexible in the range of courses it has to offer, and as young adults we have faced many hurdles this year and through this flexibility, we have learnt to manage the tasks at hand”.

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